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The Woman Who Will Always Be Unavailable

Are you dating a woman who is emotionally unavailable? You might be surprised at the signs. Emotionally unavailable people often avoid planning their future and seek fun and excitement, but they are never emotionally available. You might think that you have a good relationship with her, but she’s not putting any effort into planning her future. She’s simply looking for fun. This is the exact opposite of the kind of woman you’re looking for.

Signs of emotional unavailability

Whether it is your first time seeing signs of emotional unavailability in women or you’re an experienced lover, there are some warning signs that you should look out for. Unavailable women often treat relationships as a game and don’t care how they affect you. They can be affectionate at times and cold and distant at others. This type of woman is unlikely to commit to you and will never let you feel the same way.

Emotionally unavailable people aren’t easy to reach, so it can be hard to determine whether or not they’re emotionally available. However, this is a common trait of those who are emotionally unavailable. They tend to leave relationships before they become serious, avoid exposing themselves to friends and family, and may refuse to discuss difficult topics with them. This kind of person will also shy away from physical intimacy and vulnerability with you. Fortunately, you can easily identify emotional unavailability by recognizing these common signs.

Having a conversation with an emotionally unavailable woman can be difficult. These women are not comfortable talking about their feelings and will tend to avoid the subject altogether. When you do find them, you’ll usually find vague answers or statements. The same goes for the things she doesn’t want you to know. They’ll try to change you for their own convenience instead of yours. When it comes to intimacy, she’ll also avoid the conversation entirely, which is one of the red flags of an emotionally unavailable woman.


Beware of delusional relationships. Emotionally unavailable people mistake intimacy for hurt and pull away from people who try to connect with them. When this happens, you should be aware of these signs to avoid the heartbreak. When a woman is emotionally unavailable, she may appear to be affectionate and caring, but that’s just a facade. She may even seem to like you at first, but later show that she’s not interested in intimacy or you’re not compatible.

Oftentimes, emotionally unavailable people cut themselves off from meaningful relationships, putting other things ahead of their relationship. Some of these people are never emotionally available, but they’ve been around a lot longer than you do. Some are simply unwilling to take the time to find a new partner because they don’t feel capable of loving them. A woman who is emotionally unavailable often avoids closeness and doesn’t feel ready to fall in love.

If you’re dating an emotionally unavailable woman, she’ll have a difficult time maintaining a strong relationship with you. She won’t make the commitments you’d like her to, and she’ll frustrate you by not responding to your efforts to get close to her. She’ll also want to keep the relationship private. She may even suggest that you keep the relationship private because she doesn’t want it to be public.

If you’re dating an emotionally unavailable woman, you should be wary of your feelings for her. While she may seem to make you feel good, she’ll likely never open up more intimately to you. A woman who doesn’t feel emotionally available may be a good sign that your relationship isn’t working out. The person’s lack of emotional capacity often causes her to be distant and unresponsive to others.

Another sign of emotional unavailability in women is detachment. If a woman seems emotionally unavailable, she might not seem interested in you. This may be a sign of her need for space, or it could be a symptom of a personality disorder or childhood trauma. You should seek professional help if you suspect emotional unavailability in your partner. These warning signs can protect you from a toxic relationship.

A woman who is emotionally unavailable avoids deep emotional conversations and is quick to criticize and judge. She may even withdraw from intimate situations or try to change the topic to avoid the emotional discomfort. She also tends to brush off inquiries from her partner. Oftentimes, emotionally unavailable people don’t respond to emotional gestures like hugs and kisses. The emotional disconnect is often a result of poor insight or a lack of empathy.

Unavailable women are also hard to get into healthy, committed relationships. Because they are afraid to give up their hearts, they seek the company of people who aren’t emotionally available. Hence, the presence of emotionally unavailable people in a relationship helps them feel good. The next time you’re in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable woman, remember to watch out! You’ll soon understand why she’s not interested in commitment.


If you’re dating a woman who’s emotionally unavailable, you should be aware of the following warning signs. She won’t ever admit to mistakes and will make you feel guilty. She will also blame you for her mistakes. She will always want you to take the blame for her mistakes, even if they weren’t your fault. You must keep in mind that emotional unavailability is a dangerous trait, so it’s essential to look out for these warning signs.

While it may be hard to recognize, the problem of emotional unavailability can be treated. You can help your partner work through this by educating yourself about healthy relationships. BetterHelp is a great way to access qualified therapists who specialize in this subject. For as little as $60 a week, you can get a high-quality therapy session from a licensed therapist. These sessions are available online, and are highly affordable.


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