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Marriage Blogs
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Top 10 Best Marriage Blogs

These top marriage blogs are written by couples and experts in marriage. They are written by life coaches, couples, and wellness gurus who want to help you keep the romance alive while balancing your work and family life. Dr. John Gottman and his wife Julie have spent forty years studying marriages and have created an approach that can strengthen and repair troubled relationships. Read these articles to learn more. The best marriage blogs are the best places to get started!

Matt Fray’s blog

Why is Matt Fray’s blog one of the best marriage blogs? It all started when Fray, an automotive parts marketing strategist, was sobbing while trying to figure out what was going wrong in his marriage. He realized that he was not treating his wife with respect and was being insensitive to her needs. Then, he saw that his wife was getting close to a divorce. After reading Fray’s blog, he realized that he had become a bad husband and was neglecting his wife’s needs.

In his blog, Matthew Fray uses his own divorce as a catalyst to show how patterns of behavior and communication can lead to divorce. He explains the reasons behind these patterns through real life stories and incorporates lessons from his clients. But there’s a major flaw – Fray dances around the real reason why his wife left him, which makes his blog difficult to follow. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding whether to read Matt Fray’s blog or not.

Ester Perel’s blog

As a psychotherapist and host of a podcast called Where Should We Begin, Ester Perel’s blog has a wealth of knowledge to offer married couples struggling with their relationships. She writes with empathy and humor, and tackles important questions such as how romantic love came to be considered the primary unit of organization in society. She also addresses controversial topics such as whether infidelity is ever a good idea.

10 Best Marriage Blogs

The website is easy to navigate, and it offers helpful information about Esther Perel’s speaking engagements, press releases, and more. One of the most compelling posts on her site addresses the similar sexuality between men and women. There are several authors on the site, and readers can find a wide range of perspectives regarding dating and marriage. The site also features articles that offer tips on keeping sex life alive and is accessible by request.

Dr Lee Baucom’s blog

In addition to its content on marriage, Dr Lee Baucom’s blog offers several bonus sections to help you build a stronger foundation for your marriage. These extra sections include advice on the pitfalls of midlife crisis and a detailed explanation of how to avoid it. These are only available for a limited time, so get them now! Read on to learn more about Dr. Lee’s top 10 marriage blogs.

Dr. Lee Baucom is a self-help author, speaker, and therapist who has appeared on NBC, Dateline, and Men’s Health. He has devoted over three decades to coaching people, authored three national best-sellers, and has two podcasts. Save the Marriage is one of his best-selling books. You can also get his relationship improvement course, which teaches you how to improve your relationship.

Fawn and Keith’s blog

In their blog, Fawn and Keith share the secrets of a happy marriage and make their relationship work. They write about date nights, sex, forgiveness, and improving communication skills. The blog is written by Fawn, a USA Today bestselling author, and her husband, Keith. The couple eloped in Las Vegas in 2003, and they are now living happily ever after.

Another good marriage blog is Fawn and Keith’s Happy Wives Club. Fawn and Keith McKinney, a famous psychotherapist, has an inspiring and candid blog on marriage. The blog was launched to share the challenges and rewards of their relationship with their readers. As the couple has children, the blog shares real-life tips and tools for improving intimacy. The blog is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to improve their relationship and create a strong marriage.

Marriage Blogs

Unveiled Wife

Jennifer Smith is the author of Unveiled Wife, a popular marriage blog that is written from a Christian perspective. She began blogging in 2011 and has expanded it into a global ministry. As a wife, mother, and author, Jennifer shares her story and experiences with readers. She also has her own 30-day marriage devotional. You can read more about her journey at her Unveiled Wife blog.

The authors of Unveiled Wife are deeply rooted in their Christian faith. Their goal is to decrease the rate of divorce by helping newlyweds, engaged couples, and singles build solid marriages. They cover everything from marriage advice to pro and cons of buying a house. Many of their contributors are Christian, so there is a diversity of perspectives and experiences represented here. You’ll find helpful marriage advice for all situations.

Jamal and Natasha’s blog

The couple’s blog is a source of invaluable information for newly engaged couples and newly married couples. The couple’s mission is to help decrease the world’s divorce rate, and their website covers a variety of relationship topics, including the pros and cons of buying a new home. Jamal and Natasha also have a popular podcast, Where Should We Begin?

The couple met online, and quickly became passionate about helping others find their special someone. They started a dating ministry, Jamal’s goal is to reduce the divorce rate, so they write about the seven stages of becoming “the one.” The two are also passionate about pursuing God. Their marriage blog is one of the best marriage blogs because it helps couples understand that marriage is an important commitment that requires work.

Engaged Marriage

You’re Engaged. This is an exciting time, and it will come at a good time. Your engagement period will be full of many activities, such as selecting a venue, planning the menu, choosing wedding accessories, picking out wedding flowers, and more. You and your partner will start to merge their lives and begin a new phase of your relationship. If you’re thinking of pursuing marriage, this is the time to do so.

The first step in an engagement is to propose to each other. If you’ve been dating for a while, you might be tempted to wait until you’ve found someone who shares your values and beliefs. But wait! You’re not ready to tie the knot yet! The next step is to announce your engagement to friends and family, and to your children. After all, it’s now official, and your engagement is final!

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