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How Nice Are the Nice Guys of OkCupid

If you’re on OkCupid and wondering if you’re one of the Nice Guys, you’re not alone. Many men don’t know what to write when it comes to a dating profile. The key is to avoid over-selling yourself and avoid being a “nice guy” who uses friendship as a sexy strategy. That being said, the “Nice Guys” of OkCupid need a makeover too. Here are two quick tips to give your OkCupid profile a boost:

Nice Guy meme

The “Nice Guy” meme is a popular tumblr blog that collects screen shots of users of OkCupid who are unable to understand what it means to be nice. It is clear that many of these guys are obsessed with the “Friend Zone”, where they are friends with women, but not interested in dating them. However, their efforts are not in vain. In an effort to bring a smile to the world, these “nice guys” have taken their message one step further by posting pictures of themselves in the friend zone.

The phrase “Nice Guy” is a generalized psychological condition, typically married to a high-pitched moral alarm. The “Nice Guy” meme propagates a large cultural meme: the notion that women should seek out a nice guy to ward off boredom. It also teaches us that our ideal male counterparts should be good friends, not enemies. Despite this, we still haven’t seen an actual “Nice Guy” on OkCupid.


Inability to conceal self-righteousness

OkCupid is littered with examples of the inability of Nice Guys to hide their self-righteousness. The “Nice Guys” are all too often guilty of self-investment in a lie that they think is true – that women will appreciate the investment they made in them in return for their kindness. As a result, they often lose the women they invested in, become self-raged, and even ridicule themselves as a result.

This is an argument that is central to feminism. The ‘Nice Guys’ on OkCupid are simply not willing to be open about their desires or sexual orientation. This is a major flaw in the social contract. It exposes the true nature of the sexual marketplace – unspoken reciprocity, as opposed to the fem-centricity of the nice guys.

Lack of grooming

The lack of grooming among OkCupid’s “nice guys” has been a topic of much debate, and it’s not just on the dating site. There’s also a Tumblr devoted to exposing the ‘nice guys’ of the dating site. The site mocks photos of non-consenting men. It’s unclear what caused the outcry over the lack of grooming, but it’s certainly out of line.

It’s no secret that many men find the word creep offensive, and these OkCupid Nice Guys are no exception. While they don’t necessarily act creepy or violent, they’re often demanding and insistent that women owe them. Ultimately, women are the ones who need to be the ones to take care of them. If this is your problem, consider some of the tips below.

1. Avoid the Nice Guys’ entitlement and hypocrisy

Misogynist entitlement

Not all OkCupid Nice Guys are creeps. Some of them use the shaming term “creep.” Others are just too insistent that women owe them something. Whatever the reason, you should avoid any OkCupid Nice Guy who insists on sex. It’s simply not a sign of character or respect. However, there are plenty of misogynists in the community.

This article reveals the sarcastic Tumblr blog named the ‘Nice Guys of OKCupid.’ The blog superimposes pictures of the users with revealing statements. The articles reveals how the misogynist, passive-aggressive nature of the ‘Nice Guy’ pigeonhole has led to an increase in the number of women misrepresenting themselves on the dating site.


One of the most revealing aspects of the “Nice Guys of OKCupid” Tumblr is their misogynist attitudes. Some complain about women not sleeping with them, while others profess their own beliefs about women, sexuality, and the role of men in society. Some even espouse their own personal views about women, saying they should be shaved.


The “Nice Guys of OKCupid” are a catalog of misogynist entitlement and desperation. There are plenty of examples of profiles that have generated giggles and gasps. They also raise questions. But are the Nice Guys of OkCupid really all that bad? Read on to discover whether they’re worth the trolls’ attention. But remember: Not all of them are creeps.

The “Nice Guys” on OKCupid are not just “naive” – they’re also cultural critiques. Their socially awkward profiles are laden with images and poorly written content. Because they are public, anyone can read them. This means that anyone can fake their dating profiles – and the app does little to ensure that they’re true. It’s easy to become a troll if you have some fake credentials.

A recent tumblr blog called “Nice Guys of OKCupid” has helped hammer the stereotype into the mainstream. The blog has posted pictures of men with dating profiles on the popular dating website, and their posts have garnered a disproportionate amount of media attention. While there’s no evidence of mockery among the Nice Guys on OKCupid, the trend has given the naive “nice guy” stereotype an even bigger platform.

Lack of sexiness

Is there really such a thing as a lack of sexiness among the nice guys in online dating? Well, it’s not entirely true. While some are aiming for the Beyonce or Angelina Jolie of the dating world, other nice guys are merely after the materially narcissistic model types. These guys are the ones who haven’t tried hard enough to find a woman who will appreciate their good nature and desire.

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