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7 Ways Being a Pickup Artist Can Make You Weird

Being a pickup artist is a male-chasing female dynamic that involves manipulation, teasing, and comparing, and isn’t for everyone. But there are ways to avoid falling victim to the perils of pickup artists, and here they are:

Pickup artistry is a male-chasing female dynamic

Many people assume that all successful pick-up artists are ‘fake.’ But this is not always the case. Some of the most successful male-chasing artists are actually well-versed in how to seduce women, even if they are married. In many cases, this requires a bit of coercive manipulation and a willingness to take risks. Nonetheless, there are some key differences between them and real pick-up artists.

As a pickup artist, it is crucial to have a “sarge” mentality. You must never get too stuck on a single woman, or risk being rejected. Men need women, and women know how to sniff desperation. Pickup artists maintain multiple leads, knowing that when you only have one partner, it is hard to get a girlfriend. However, a woman will be more likely to respond to a man who knows that he has no intention of chasing after her.


Neil Strauss, a former pickup artist, wrote “The Game” in 2005, revealing how to attract women. It became an instant phenomenon and a best-selling book on the New York Times bestseller list. It even spawned a cable television show! This is the book that started the pickup craze. In this book, Neil Strauss shares the secrets of a PUA’s lifestyle and reveals how to make women fall in love with him.

The pick-up artist’s aim is to get a woman to open up about herself. By engaging in psychic or supernatural speculation, a pickup artist displays his worth. By prevailing over his opponent’s intuition, he wins the game. You are a ‘pickup artist’ if you can master this art. When a pick-up artist is skilled in establishing a connection between two people, he can easily build a relationship and make his target feel special.

It’s a form of manipulation

A pickup artist is a person who exhibits strange behaviors to attract women. These men make it seem as if they don’t care if you pay attention to them and that they’ll be able to find someone else to f*ck with. In actuality, they’re trying to make you look as uninterested as possible because they have lots of options.

Most pickup artists are male and very few women engage in this practice. These men rely on gaslighting, a form of psychological control that is designed to make a woman question their sanity. A Peking University student believed that her boyfriend, Mou Linhan, was a notorious PUA. Her friends posted negative comments about Mou Linhan on social media. Eventually, she lost the ability to push back and became a victim of this type of manipulation.

Many pickup artists lie in wait and prey on insecure men. Many of them advertise their services as workshops for heterosexual men. Many of them charge exorbitant fees for the workshops and instill elementary quasi-psychological tricks in their targets. If you’re a man, you should be aware of these methods and how to avoid them. You can learn more about the tricks and techniques by watching videos on BuzzFeed News.

Although mainstream media portrays PUAs as cold-hearted killers, most of these men are just nice guys who care about other people. You don’t need to be a PUA to have sexual relations. In fact, most PUAs are actually nice guys who care about other people and are interested in them. If you’re a PUA, you can play this game to train yourself to be more aware of your emotions by pulling club girls or playing day games.



It’s a form of teasing

Being a pickup artist is an art form that involves using teasing to win a woman’s attention. When done correctly, it can be a fun and creative way to build sexual chemistry. Pickup artists can come off undetectable, which means they can fool even the most seasoned pick up artist into falling for their tricks. Here are a few tips to be successful at this art.

When approaching a woman, it is important to remember that “being a pick-up artist” is a type of teasing, but in a very subtle way. It is a way of lowering a woman’s self-esteem, causing her to seek validation. As a pickup artist, you need to keep in mind that women are sensitive and can’t tell if you are trying to pick them up.

One of the most important steps to becoming a pick-up artist is to observe body language. Pick-up artists mimic famous ‘alpha male’ actors to learn how to manipulate women. Pickup artists practice their stances in front of a mirror to perfect them. You can also learn to manipulate women in the bar by talking about their ex or making up stories about how they got hit.

As a pick-up artist, you must know how to avoid being a “one-itist” and never get hung up on a woman. The “one-itis” syndrome can make a woman feel desperate, and women will instinctively avoid a man who smells like pain. This is why being a pickup artist is a form of teasing and a type of eroticism.

It’s a form of comparing you to other men

The Pick Up Artist community is a noxious, elitist, and pathological minority, whose members have an insatiable need to impress women. Their involvement is both unconscious and conscious, and can be both a diversion and a source of self-inflicted pain. As a result, many men are left feeling hopeless and alone.

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